Go By Stølsvik


My name is Hans Petter Stølsvik and im a Norwegian globetrotter, with a goal to travel everywhere including all the 198 countries in the world. How did it all start?

From a young age i have always been interested in going different places and doing different things. But it wasnt untill i was older i found travelling.

At the age of 17 I was diagnosed with cancer and then went through several operations and a few rounds with chemotherapy. When I was fully recovered, I decided it had to be more to life than work and watching television. I went with a friend to Thailand as the first trip outside of Europe in 2000. That was a fun trip but staying at the same place for 3 weeks didn’t convince me. At the age of 22, I went to Hong Kong and the Philippines. That trip changed everything. On that trip I met up with people that had travelled for years and I saw the different possibilities to travelling. In 2003 i went to an Exibition at Nedre Elvehavn in Trondheim, Norway. Here Frenchs photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand had displayet his photo Exibition called (Earth From Above), with pictures taken from a helicopter that showed the state of Planet Earth from basically everywhere. He also had a massive world map with pins saying where the pictures where taken. That night made an impact in my life, so much that i planned to travel to all the continents by 2007. By 2005 i had done it and from there on i have never looked back. Travelling became my passion.

At the moment, I have been to 126 countries. I have travelled the world in many different ways. To mention a few, I did my first around the world trip when I was 23, and went on a shoestring on my own. When i was 25 i travelled the world for 12 consecutive months, also on my own. I have also participated in the Mongol-Rally, driving a car from England to Mongolia to raise money for the Norwegian Cancer Society. For me, my goal isn’t to travel to all the countries or all the different places as quick as possible, but to really discover as much as possible in every country and corner of the world while travelling. It takes time when you travel back to places you`ve allready visited now and then, instead of going to new places and destinations all the time. I want to learn about all the different cultures the world has to offer. Travelling to me is the most important thing people do, it makes us on the edge, curious, interested, social and in search of the big adventure!

On this site I want to share with you all my adventures and experiences, on my way to reach everywhere. I would also like to show you that everything is possible if you put your mind into it. Here you will find my blog posts, travel tips, the gallery and much more. I hope you will enjoy it.

What are you waiting for? Life`s too short to not pursue your dreams, GO!

There´s only one planet, travel it!