Go By Stølsvik

How to pack?


  • Lay out your belongings to check what you need.
  • Pack shoes first, then fill in the gaps to create a surface that’s leveled.
  • Roll up your clothes, sweaters, jeans, underwear and socks to maximize your space in the suitcase.
  • Pack essential items that do double-duty, like a blazer that also works as a jacket, or dark shoes that can be used in different settings.
  • Use a wet bag to pack camera equipment and electronics.
  • Pack your portable pharmacy.








  1. Carry-on your baggage instead of checking it in, so that you can exit the airport immediately after reaching your destination.
  2. Check in online 24 hours before a flight, not only to save time at the airport but also to get a better seat.
  3. Dress with something comfy but not to comfy. Instead of sweats, try cashmere lounge pants/leggings under a comfortable dress for women or comfy jeans/chino and a sweater for men.
  4. Air compression packing bags are miraculous, squeezing air out of clothes, giving you more room in the suitcase.
  5. Check that you’ve packed everything you need by mentally dressing yourself from shoes and socks up to glasses and hats.
  6. Leave pricey watches and jewelry behind. If you aren’t prepared to lose it, don’t pack it.
  7. Unless you know you are going to be casual, pack something small that can make any outfit smarter. For men, a silk knotted tie. For women, a fancy scarf.
  8. Pack rolled socks into your shoes, it will save space and keeps shoes shaped.
  9. Think about the number of outfits you need and subtract a few. You still won’t wear everything you pack.
  10. Charge phones, cameras, iPads, and laptops before getting to an airport. If you do get delayed, you won’t have to find outlets, which are always too few and far between.
  11. Carry the adapter for your destination, a multi plug version is the best.
  12. Pack nearly empty toiletries, and leave them behind. Or just buy certain toiletries at your destination.
  13. Bring enough medicine to cover unforeseen delays.
  14. Mark your suitcases with your email address as well as your actual addresses.
  15. Email yourself and nearest family your itinerary, passport number, and insurance documents or load them onto a private folder on the cloud.
  16. Cash is king. Always have cash in different currencies, at least US dollars or Euros. Make sure you have small notes for tips, or if you get robbed etc.
  17. Pack a zippered pouch stocked with in-flight comfort essentials: headphones, lip balm, hand lotion, toothbrush/toothpaste, hand sanitizer, pen and paper.
  18. Instead of packing heavy magazines or big guidebooks, rip out or copy the articles that you want to read. Or leave them behind after reading.
  19. If You`d rather listen and watch than read, download movies and podcasts to distract you during long bus rides, plane delays, and train rides.
  20. Order the pick-up car before you leave. There’s nothing better than not having to wait for a car after a long flight. In case you want to upgrade your vehicle its always better and cheaper to do so at the dealership when you have arrived.
  21. Noise reducing headphones really do make a huge difference in terms of in-flight comfort.
  22. Drink as much water as you can.
  23. Leave room in your suitcase so you can buy souvenirs. And stash an empty, fold-down-to-nothing sack in case you do need an extra bag.
  24. Always bring a camera, you never know when the kodak moments will arrive.
  25. Smile and people will smile back. This comes in very handy when you get on the plane and need room for overhead baggage, need to swap seats or need gum. People will be nice back and make your life a little easier.