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A UNESCO World Heritage site is a place such as a forest, mountain, lake, island, desert, monument, building, complex or city that is listed by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The list is maintained by the international world heritage programme administered by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, composed of the 21 states parties which are elected by their General Assembly. The programme catalogues, names and conserves sites of outstanding cultural or natural importance to the common heritage of

As of 2014, 1007 sites are listed. 779 cultural, 197 natural, and 31 mixed properties, in 161 states parties. By sites ranked by country, Italy is home to the greatest number of World Heritage Sites with 50 sites, followed by China (47), Spain (44), Germany (39) and France (39). UNESCO references each World Heritage Site with an identification number; but new inscriptions often include previous sites now listed as part of larger descriptions. As a result, the identification numbers exceed 1,200 even though there are fewer on the list.

While each World Heritage Site remains part of the legal territory of the state wherein the site is located, UNESCO considers it in the interest of the international community to preserve each site.

My visited sites: (153/1007)

  • Algeria – Kasbah of Algiers
  • Argentina –  Iguazu National Park, Jesuit block and estancias of Cordoba, Los Glaciares, Quebrada de Humahuaca
  • Austria – Historic center of  city Salzburg, historic center of Vienna, Palace and Gardens of schonnbrunn,
  • Australia – Fraser Island, Greater blue mountain area, great barrier reef, Kakadu National Park, Sydney Opera House, Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park.
  • Brazil – Iguazu Nat Park, Historic center of Salvador da bahia,
  • Bahrain – Qal at al-Bahrain
  • Barbados – historic Bridgetown and its garrisons
  • Bolivia – Historic city of sucre, city of potosi
  • Belarus – Struve Geodic arc
  • Belgium – Historic center of Brugge, le grand place of brussel, notre dame cathedral of tournai.
  • Cambodia – Angkor Wat
  • China – Historic center of Macau, Historic ensemble of the Potala Palace (Tibet), Imperial palaces of the ming and qing dynasties in Beijing and Shenyang, summer palace an imperial garden in Beijing, Great Wall, Temple of Heaven an imperial sacrificial alter of Beijing
  • Croatia – historic center of trogir, historic center of split and the palace of Diocletian.
  • Czech republic – center of prague
  • Chile – historic quarter of the seaport city of Valparaiso, rapa nui nat park,
  • Cuba – old Havana with its fortifications, Trinidad and the valley de los ingenious, urban historic center of Cienfuegos.
  • Denmark – Roskilde Cathedral,
  • Egypt – historic cairo, memphis and its necropolis
  • England – Maritime Greenwitch, Old and New towns of Edinburgh, Tower of London
  • Estonia – Historic center of (old city) Tallinn, Struve Geodetic arc
  • Equador – City of Quito, historic center of Santa Ana and de los rioa de Cuenca
  • Finland – Struve Geodetic Arc
  • France – Bordeaux port of the moon, Cathedral of Notre Dame/former abbey of Saint Remy/and palace of Tau Reims, Paris banks of the Seine, Strasbourg Grande Ile
  • Germany – Cologne Cathedral, palaces and parks of Potsdam and Berlin,Town Hall and roland on the marketplace of Bremen
  • Greece – Acropolis,
  • Hungary – Budapest including the banks of the Danube the buda castle quarter and Andrassy avenue.
  • Iceland – Thingvellir Nat Park
  • India – Agra Fort, Shhatrapati shivaji terminus (formerly victoria terminus), Churches and convents of Goa, Elephanta Caves, Fathephur Sikri, Humyuns Tomb (Delhi), qutb minar and its monuments (Delhi), Red Fort complex, Taj Mahal
  • Iran – Masjed I jame of Isfahan, Meidan Eman,
  • Ireland – Skellig Michal
  • Israel – Old city of Jerusalem, white city of Tel Aviv, Bahaii holy places (Haifa)
  • Italy – Archeological area of Pompei/ Herculaneum and torre anunziata, historic city of Naples, Historic center of Rome, Syracuse and the rocky metropolis of Pantalica, Venice and its lagoon, the dolomites
  • Japan – Hiroshima peace memorial, Historic monuments of old Kyoto
  • Jordan – Wadi Rum, Petra
  • Kosovo – Medieval monuments in Kosovo
  • Latvia – Historic center of Riga, Struve Geodetic Arc
  • Lithuania – Vilnius historic center, struve geodetic arc
  • Luxembourg – City of Luxembourg
  • Laos – Luang Prabang
  • Macedonia – Natural and cultural heritage of the ochrid region
  • Malta – Hal soflieni hypogeum, city of Valletta, megalithic temples of Malta
  • Moldova – Struve geodetric arc
  • Malaysia – Kinabalu Nat Park, Melaka and Georgetown, historic citys of the strait of Melakka
  • Mexico – Central university city campus of the Universidad nacional autonoma de Mexico, historic center of Mexico City and xochimilko, pre hispanic city of chitzen itza, pre Hispanic city of teotihuacan,
  • Nepal – Kathmandu Valley, Sagarmatha Nat Park,
  • Norway – Bryggen, Røros Mining Town, West Norwegian Fjords.
  • Netherlands – canals of Amsterdam
  • Oman – Nizwa falaj daris
  • Palau – Rock Islands
  • Poland – Auscwitch and Birkenau, Krakow historic center, Historic center of Warsaw
  • Portugal – cultural landscape of Sintra, Monastary of the hieronymites and tower of Belem
  • Peru – city of cuzco, historic center of Lima, Historic sanctuary of Macchu Pichu, Huascaran Nat Park, Lines and Geoglyphs of Nazca and pampas de jumana
  • Russia – Struve Geodetic arc, Kaliningrad Cathedral, Historic center of Saint Petersburg and related groups of Monuments
  • Saint Lucia – Pitons management area
  • San Marino – San Marino Historic center and mount Titano
  • Spain –  La lonja de la seda de Valencia, Ibiza bidevirsity and culture
  • Sweden – Struve Geodetic arc
  • Switzerland – old city of Bern, Swiss alps Jungfrau- aletsch
  • Sri Lanka – Ancient city of Sigiriya, Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, Golden Temple of Dambulla, Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications, sacred city of Candy
  • Tunisia – Archaeological site of Carthage, Medina of Tunis
  • Turkey – Historic areas of Istanbul
  • USA – Everglades Nat Park, statue of liberty,
  • Uzbekistan – Historic City of Bukhara, Samarkand
  • Uruguay – Historic quarter of the city of colonia del sacramento.
  • Ukraine – Saint Sophia cathedral and related monastic buildings, struve geodetic arc
  • Venezuela – ciudad Universitaria de caracas
  • Vatican – Vatican City, Historic center of Rome/the proparties of the holy see in that city enjojing extraterritorial rights and san Pablo Fuori le mura
  • Vietnam – complex og Hue monuments. Halong Bay, Hoi An ancient town



Nan Madol – Micronesia