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Innerdalstårnet, aug 2016!

Innerdalstårnet is a 1452 meter high mountain located in what many call “Norways most beautiful valley”. Innerdalen is located in Sunndal municipality in Møre and Romsdal county. The valley is lush and beautiful, with magnificant lakes, rivers and framatic mountains surrounding it.


Innerdalstårnet 1452 m

The trip to Innerdalstårnet starts at the car park at Nerdal top of Viromdalen. Here starts a 4km walk up to Innerdalen. Near Innerdalsvannet is the mountain farm Renndølsetra. There, you can enjoy traditional food, while cows walk around you. Not long after Renndølsetra you get to Innerdalshytta. From here you walk paths with red painted symbols, painted by the Norwegian Trekking Association. The trail goes over a bridge and up through the Gikling valley. When you are on the top you see Storvannet. Storvannet is a perfect place to rest, before the last and the real climb starts.

Then its time for the steep climb to Innerdalstårnet, also called Tower Skaret. There might be some loose rocks in some parts, so take it easy. At Tower Skaret most people stop and some carry on up for the last bit. It is steep and you have to use your hands now and then, to get you to the top. But getting to the actual top is rewarding with sick views over the valley. Getting down again is the same way.

Most people can do this trip in 5-9 hours, we did it in 12, But this was from the parking lot, up and down with many stops along the way. As we drove from Trondheim we used 18 hours back and forewards on a massive daytrip. Its possible to stay at the Nerdalshytta in Innerdalen either before or after the climb or both ways if you prefer. Next time we will be doing that, as doing this trek on a day was hard.

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