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Republic of Palau, april 2016!

“Palau, an island nation east of The Philippines in the northern parts of the pacific, with some of the best diving in the world”


Palau = red dot

In late april 2016 i travelled to the Republic of Palau. The scenery here ranges from white sandy beaches with an abundance of marine life to dense jungle. To get here you either fly from Manila, Philippines, Guam, US or Yap, Micronesia With United Airlines or you can fly from Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong and Seoul.

Arriving at Roman Tmetuchl International Airport.

Palau`s main income is tourism and Foreign aid, most aid come from the US and Taiwan. Tourism is low key, although growing in economic importance. Most visitors come from Taiwan, which Palau has diplomatic ties with. Others come from different asian countries nearby, US and Europe. The currency used here are US dollars.

. Diving and snorkelling is the main tourist activity in Palau.

Palau became independent in 1994, after being part of a United Nations trust Territory administered by the US for 47 years. The government is Palau’s largest employer. There are Monoliths and other relics as reminders of an ancient culture that lived on the islands.
Palau’s recent history has been ruled by Spain, Britain, Germany, Japan and the US. Palau had some of the region’s worst fighting in World War II.
Rising sea levels due to climate change, is a consern they share with other low laying Pacific nations.


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