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Romsdalseggen, june 2019!

Romsdalseggen is one of the most amazing hikes in Norway situated in Romsdal. Breathtaking views, spectaculare landscapes, and a fantastic hike experience is waiting for you at the top of the Romsdalseggen Ridge.


The hike up to Romsdalseggen starts in Vengedalen, a 20min bus ride from Åndalsnes. Most people walk this way and not the other way around, but doing so means you need to get on the bus or be shuttled up here by someone else. The bus leaves from Norwegian Tindesenter in the center of Åndalsnes and sets you back 250nkr each one way.

When getting to Vengedalen, most people find the directions easy by signs. From here you walk thru a valley on easy paths, with trails were fresh water is running besides you. When the landscape flattens you can see the rear side of the Romsdalseggen Ridge. If you need more water, now is the time to fill up your bottles as this is the last chance before walking uphill towards the ridge. Climbing up to the ridge is steep, but pretty managable for most people, just take your time. Closing in on the top, you get a 360 degrees view over Romsdalen and this is pretty amazing.

After getting to the top you have a few alternatives. Either go left towards the Blånebba, which is a 1 hour longer hike going there and back, but you wont regret if you do. The other choice is going right where most people walk as this is the only way against Åndalsnes and along the entire ridge. Walking along the ridge is pretty awesome and not for the faint hearted. Im not that into hights so i could really feel the close proximity to the edge just meters from where we walked.

This hike is 10,3km and takes between 5 to 8hours to do. We did it closer to 8 as we dont walk that fast and also are into enjoying the scenery and doing some photography along the way. We did the normal route, and at Mjølvafjellet we are the highest point at 1222meters. The last point of the hike is Nesaksla at 708meters, from here its a steep descend down thru Rampestreken which is a lookout spot with amazing views over Åndalsnes.

If you are only doing one hike, do Romsdalseggen.


In this post there are also a few shots from Trollstigen, as we visited there after doing our hike.

Trollstigen is Norways most visited tourist road.



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