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Snøhetta is the highest mountain in the Dovrefjell range at 2286 meters, and the highest mountain in Norway outside of the Jotunheimen range. The mountain has long been talked about as the highest mountain in Norway and played a large part when the constitution of Norway was created. The mountain is inside Dovrefjell – Sunndalsfjella National Park. The mountain has several peaks with Stortoppen at 2286 meters, Midttoppen at 2278 meters, Hettpiggen at 2261 meters and Vesttoppen at 2253 meters. Vesttoppen and Stortoppen are easily available by hiking or skiing, and from Stortoppen Midttoppen is easily accessible. Traversing Midttoppen, via Hettpiggen and to Vesttoppen requires climbing with a rope. Approaching the mountain from the Snøheim cabin near the foot of the mountain, make you see how this rock is so special as a picture of mountain Norway.
Average time spent climbing up is 5 hours and about 3 hours down. We spent only 3 hours and 20 minutes up and 2 hours 45 minutes down. This is between Snøheim and the summit. It’s also possible to walk the whole length between Hjerkinnhus and Snøheim, which takes 5 hours extra, each way. The walk takes you along Snøheim road which is the only drivable road between these places. These days the only transportation to Snøheim, is by bus. The bus goes 5 times a day at a price of 10 US per person per way. If you come by car the parking at Hjerkinnhus (where the bus goes from) costs 9 US per day. To get to Hjerkinn you either drive or take the train.

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