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Credo Restaurant and Bistro in Trondheim is a gourmet restaurant with fresh products from locations within the county. The restaurant is located in Ørjaveita 4 close to the Olav Trygvasons gate. Our visit here was our first, so after having talked about eating here for a long time it was finally time.The restaurant is in the first floor and the bistro is on the second floor. I booked a table 3 to 4 weeks in advance and with that I ensured us a table at our preferred time. While entering, the staff welcomed us and showed us our table for the night. Not long after, we got a glass of champagne to start with. This restaurant doesn’t have a “a la carte” meny but rather a meny of the day/season that they combine with wine. The result is excellent with mindblowing tastes. I just love the food here, and in my mind this is the best restaurant in Trondheim.

Examples of fresh local products used in Credo is Reindeer from Rørosvidda, crayfish and scallops from Hitra/Frøya, Urfe from Tolga, pig thats only been fed mushrooms from Verdal, mussels from Åfjord, dairyproducts from Rørosmeieriet, Vegetables from Frosta and deer from Hitra.

In their bistro on the second floor, the meny is a bit simpler with a more rustic feel in a more laid back setting. Here they have flavourful and well prepared dishes with top quality to a lower price.


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