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Michel Rostang, Paris!

Chef Michel Rostang celebrates 30 years of inspiration, taste and passion for fine dining. His cuisine is a reflection of his personality: simple and generous. Anyone who has visited his restaurant knows that his pairings of classical and modern flavours are indeed the epitome of perfection. His sole meunière with its shellfish marinière or the mythical pike quenelle à la Jo Rostang are just some delicious examples, not forgetting the exquisite hot tart with bitter chocolate. There is even a truffle sandwich, that you simply eat with your fingers. Rostang’s cellar, with more than 1,500 outstanding wines, is certainly one of the most prestigious in the capital.

His restaurant not far from the Arc de Triomphe is well worth its 2 michelin stars, but doesnt come cheap. Around 200 euros for a 3 course meal and about the same for a 6 course tasting meny or 220 for 8 courses.

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