Go By Stølsvik

10 hours in Sydney, may 2016!

Travelling home from the Pacific nations i had 10 hours in Sydney. Sydney is a beautiful city on the east coast of Australia, but as i was here in May (Winter) the weather wasnt the best. Last time i was in Sydney was back in 2005 and before that 2003, so it had been a while. I took the train from the airport to central parts near George st and walked down towards Canary Wharf and the pier where you have the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera house. Walking down memory lane was awesome, remembering back to when i had a blast travelling around Australia.

So, after 5 weeks in “The Pacific” with 24 flights, numerous islands, different countrys, cultures, people, food, beaches, sunset and memorys i was leaving back home. Now Oceania is complete. But there are still loads of islands to go to, next time i will try to get to French Polynesia, Hawaii and Cook islands. At least they are on my list.

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