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Belgrade, may 2017!

Why is Belgrade so exciting?

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and also the former capital of Jugoslavia, so this city has everything you need while on the balkans maybe except beaches by the sea (they have a few ones on the Sava river passing thru Belgrade). The city has 1.5 million people that have been thru harsh times, but they know how to live it up when they get the chance.

The price level in Belgrade is cheap as they still have their own currency, the serbian dinar. Everything from food, transport, football matches and beer is cheap so your money will go with you a long way.

Belgrade has a reputation as an all-year party city, with a vibrant and diverse party scene spanning everything from Gypsy folk to techno, which has its roots in the 1990s where underground club culture provided a refuge from the fighting/war. In the 90s this city was one of the best citys in Europe for clubbing.

One of many Clubs, on the Sava river.

Summer venues happens on the waterfront near the Danube or Sava river, as houseboats are clubs. There are numerous boats to choose from and its just to ask around for the well known ones but as this is Serbia, be aware of the Mafia here. During the winter the clubs change from the river into different buildings in and around the city. Clubbing might leave you wallet empty but you get to have such fun and party with others while listening to great dj`s.

Belgrade isnt famous for the beauty of the city but they do have a few sights/things to do thats worth taking a closer look at. The Belgrade Fortress, Military Museum, Knez Mihailova street, Saint Sava Church, Skadirlija Bohemian Quarter, Nikola Tesla Museum, Church of St Mark, Danube river tour, Football match between Red Star and Partizan, The grave of Tito etc.

People playing for a living, Skadirlija st.

Food wise the cuisine in Belgrade is mixed but we did find a few good spots. The one i will recommened is Ambar, a traditional Balkan restaurant in a modern mix. We ordered the Ambar Train as they called it, here they served different dishes from their meny until we said STOP. Thats correct, until we said stop, as much as we wanted from the meny in all sorts of good Food. As we were 3 of us they came with platters for sharing but this was just as good. The location is Karadordeva 2-4 near the river Sava with great sunsets.


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