Go By Stølsvik

Tunisia, sep 2016!

Tunisia, the land where extremism hasnt killed hope just yet. Travelling to Tunisia for my first time i was excited but not scared in any way. Media portrays Tunisia and other North African countrys as terror states, but Tunisia isnt the same as Libya by any means, at least not now.  Tourism has sadly vanished after the Bardo Museum and the beach attacks.

I flew in from Frankfurt, Germany and was planning to only stay in Tunis, the Capital. There isnt a lot to see in Tunis, but there are the kasbah, the market, a few museums, sitting at cafes and meeting Tunisians. Since the arab spring started there has been a dramatic change to Tunisians. Now its more like a European city, where people are free to do whatever they want. Its become liberal in a way, but there are people that think otherwise.

My second day i rented a driver who took me around to the ruins of Chartage and the artistic Sidi Bou Said giving me an insight into the history here. I diddent visit any beach towns or resorts, but there are plenty of summer areas to go to and enjoy the sun in the summer.


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