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Belcanto, by Jose Avillez!

Distinguished with two Michelin stars, Belcanto restaurant opened in 1958, in Chiado, at the São Carlos square, next to the São Carlos National Theatre and to the house where the great Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa was born. In the summer of 2011, Chef José Avillez took an interest in Belcanto and began an extensive refurbishment. José Avillez’s Belcanto restaurant re-opened in the beginning of 2012, totally renewed, and was awarded a Michelin star within a year of its opening. In 2014, Belcanto restaurant received a second Michelin star. Belcanto by José Avillez is the first restaurant in Lisbon to be distinguished with two Michelin stars, and José Avillez is the first Portuguese chef to obtain this honour in Portugal.

José Avillez and his team look at haute cuisine as a form of expression. At the Belcanto they share their inspirations, emotions and concerns through their culinary representations and illusions. We value seasonality and non industrial production. We favor organic products, but we are not unyielding.

Each dish tells a story and sets out to stir the emotions of those willing to try it.

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