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Restaurant Søttitre!

This weekend me and my girlfriend set out to have a dinner at a new restaurant in Trondheim, called Restaurant Søttitre. Restaurant Søttitre has fine dining, serving international cuisine with fresh and local ingredients. The restaurant is trying to get the taste of Trondelag, the region which Trondheim is based in. The ingredients is world class and mainly shorttraveled from the nearby region. They say they want to make people feel at home still serving gourmet food.

We had pre booked a table for two for 7 pm and while arriving we had one of the waiter to meet us showing us our table for the evening. The location is in the first floor of the Radisson BLU Royal Garden Hotel. The meny consists of starters, mains and desserts, while you have the choice here to choose either 2 or up to 7 courses. We chose 4, a starter, two mains and a dessert. We also had the wine package to the courses.

While serving us the wine the waiter told us of the wine, wich type it was and  from where it was. The serving of the food came shortly thereafter.

Here are our dishes:

  • Compliments from the chef – pork in a taco paste with salad
  • Curry 73 – Todays seafood, apple, peas, musselsauce and curry snow
  • Catch of the day – Cod
  • Veal – jerusalem arthichoke, celery
  • Chocolate – Sea buckthorn and yougurt


The positives and the negatives.

When i read about the restaurant and reviews of other people i had high hopes but sadly i got dissapointed here. I will say they try but the atmosphere in a restaurant thats places inside a hotel lobby isnt the best. You can hear people walking past/ in and out of rooms/ and having to listen to the elevator music is a bit back to the 80`s. The knowledge of the waiters isnt excellent but ok, the food we had was well served but the potatos to the our Veal were raw inside, some of the flavours dident totally convince me and i dident think the wine was in perfect match for the courses.

All in all, there are better options out there for the price. Compared to other fine dining restaurants such as “To rom og Kjøkken” and “Credo”, this is by far the poorest option.

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